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Why Choose Shaffer & Associates

Selecting a law firm to handle your California family law matter is a big decision. Your case isn't just a part of your life; it affects every aspect of your life, including your personal relationships, your finances, your time with your children, and your emotional well-being. With so much at stake, you need to choose a law firm that can help you achieve the outcome you need for your divorce, custody, support, or other family law matter.

We'd like to share with you some of the many reasons our clients choose Shaffer & Associates for their California family law needs.

Our firm is dedicated solely to the practice of family law.

When you do something 100 percent of the time, it makes sense that you'll be better at it than someone who only does it ten percent of the time. That's why family law is the only kind of law we practice. We know our clients are counting on us to be familiar with complex California laws that affect their futures and those of their families. Because we concentrate our practice on family law, we can keep up to date on new developments in statutory and case law. We are familiar with the courts and other lawyers who handle family law cases. We've successfully handled hundreds of family law matters. That means something to clients going through a family law crisis for the first time—we can help them understand what to expect, make the process easier, and help achieve a better outcome.

Our service to clients is award-winning.

Avvo copyWe've won an award for excellence based on the opinions of the people who matter most to us: the clients for whom and with whom we work. Shaffer & Associates has been awarded a 2014 Clients' Choice Award by Avvo, the prominent attorney ranking site, based on numerous excellent client reviews.

We have exceptional training and experience.

Because family law is our sole focus, we do everything we can to know everything there is to know about this aspect of California law. We participate in regular ongoing professional education, and one of our attorneys is a Certified Family Law Specialist with the California State Bar, a qualification granted only after passing a stringent examination and providing documentation of ethics and experience.

Speaking of experience, we are proficient negotiators, skilled in resolving family law matters with as little expense and acrimony as possible. If settlement not in your best interests, however, we are skilled litigators who are prepared to fight to protect your rights in court.

We are counselors, advocates, and partners.

Our approach to California law cases is truly client-centered. Many law firms use that phrase, but here's what client-centered means to us. We know that divorce, custody, parenting time, support, and other family law issues can disrupt your life and make it feel out of control. Some attorneys hear your situation, analyze it, and tell you what to do. We go further. We listen, not just to the facts of your case, but of your concerns and your needs. We analyze and explain our analysis to you. We explore your options with you. We counsel you, based on our extensive experience, as to what we think will best achieve your goals. And we place the decisions back in yourhands. We make you a partner in your case, not just a spectator.

We know divorce is more than a legal concern.

When you get married, it's not just a change in your legal relationship. You're commingling families, property, social lives, and more. Similarly, divorce is much more than a legal status change. There's a lot going on in your life. A competent attorney will address your legal issues. A great one will address them in the context of how they affect your whole life. We're not just here for our clients' legal needs. We're here for our clients. Being accessible to our clients doesn't distract us from doing our job; it is our job.

Shaffer & Associates serves San Diego County and the surrounding communities, including Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County. Contact Shaffer & Associates online or call (619) 230-1030 today to schedule a free consultation, and to learn why Shaffer & Associates is the right firm for your California family law matter.

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