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Child Custody, Parenting Time, and Support

As a parent, nothing is more important to you than the well-being of your children, especially, when you're divorcing or separating from their other parent. At Shaffer & Associates, our experienced California family law attorneys are dedicated to helping San Diego mothers and fathers with California child custody, support, and parenting issues.

Separation and divorce require many decisions with a significant impact on your children, including how they will spend time with each parent. Courts generally honor parents' agreements as to custody and parenting time (or visitation). If you and the other parent are unable to agree on a child custody arrangement, the court will order you to mediation through the family court system to try and resolve the issue. If your child custody dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, the court will issue a temporary child custody order utilizing the recommendations of the mediator, as well as argument from both sides and other relevant evidence. California courts decide child custody matters based on what they perceive to be in the best interests of the child. Both parents have a right to a trial on child custody before the court issues a final order in your case which would be included in the Judgment.

Because we concentrate our practice exclusively in family law, including child custody and parenting time, all of the attorneys at Shaffer & Associates have extensive experience in this area of the law. We have effectively represented hundreds of clients in San Diego and the surrounding areas in family law matters involving child custody and visitation. We know that child custody cases are deeply personal and emotional, and we offer both genuine compassion and fierce advocacy for our clients and their children during this difficult time.

San Diego Parenting Time and Custody Attorneys

We begin our representation by listening to the facts of your unique case, and your concerns and goals for its outcome. We then evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the situation, and explore options for resolution to decide what will best meet your needs. We regularly address all types of child custody, parenting time and support issues, including:

  • Legal custody
  • Physical custody
  • Child relocations ("Move-aways")
  • Parenting plans and parenting time (visitation) rights
  • Parenting plan modifications
  • Child support enforcement and modification

Our child custody attorneys work with you to develop a parenting plan that will allow both you and your children to adjust to your separation. At Shaffer & Associates, we are committed to guiding you through every step of your California child custody action. We take very seriously our responsibility to our clients, as well as the children affected by the decisions made during a separation and divorce.

We welcome you to read more about our child custody, parenting time and child support practice areas and to contact Shaffer & Associates for a no-cost initial consultation.

Shaffer & Associates is dedicated to helping people all across San Diego County, including Downtown San Diego, Point Loma, La Jolla, Scripps Ranch, Del Mar, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Rancho Bernardo and Poway. We also work with families in Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County.

Child Custody

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