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Complex Property Issues in California Divorce

At Shaffer & Associates, we know that even a seemingly straightforward divorce is still a monumental event for our clients. When divorce is complicated by complex property issues and significant assets, the process can be even more overwhelming. Our attorneys have dealt with many California high-asset divorces and divorces involving complicated property issues. Our experience allows us to offer clients knowledgeable guidance and a road map for the California divorce process.

Experience with High-Asset Divorce and Business Valuation Cases

One frequent concern in a high-asset or complex divorce is that one spouse may be concealing assets from the other. We are skilled at conducting discovery and interpreting data in order to unearth all holdings and property. As needed, we enlist the support of financial professionals, including forensic accountants, to trace assets, even those concealed outside of the country.

Another common issue is the valuation of a closely-held or family business. An inaccurate valuation can result in one party being unfairly deprived of marital property, while the other receives a windfall. It is critical that a business be appraised not just by a professional, but by a professional with knowledge and experience in the type of business at issue. We work with a variety of respected business valuation experts so that we can ensure that this complex undertaking is addressed correctly.

Other property issues in California divorce cases often include the division of stock portfolios, pensions, and retirement accounts; division of significant debt; disputes over the date of separation (marital cut-off date); interpretation and enforcement of prenuptial agreements; and the impact of property division on the need for spousal support or alimony.

Serving California Professionals and Business Owners

Our clients include professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners in San Diego and the surrounding region of California. We are trusted because of our comprehensive approach to complex property issues. Mindful of our clients' resources, we are thorough and efficient in gathering information needed to resolve property disputes. Armed with this data, we are prepared to negotiate a property settlement that is favorable to our clients. Negotiation often produces a resolution that is quicker, less stressful, and less expensive than litigation. However, we also understand that cases involving significant or complex assets can be extremely contentious. We are experienced and accomplished litigators, well-prepared to advocate in court for our clients' California property rights if needed.

Family Law Attorneys Serving San Diego and the Surrounding Communities

The San Diego family law attorneys of Shaffer & Associates serve San Diego County and the surrounding communities, including Orange County, Riverside County and Los Angeles County. Contact Shaffer & Associates online or call (619) 230-1030 today to consult with us about your concerns regarding complex property issues and the division of assets and debts in your family law case.

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